4 Ways To Make Your Email Marketing Content More Personal

How can you make your email marketing content more personal and relatable? Find out here.

Email marketing can be a powerful tool in reaching your target audience. But, one email message does not fit all. If you don't personalize your email marketing content, it could come off as cold and leave your audience feeling unconnected to you.

So how can you make your recipients feel like they matter? What are the best ways to personalize a marketing campaign?

Let's discuss 4 easy ways you can make your emails more personal and relatable to your target audience which will improve the performance of your campaign.

Segment Your Email List

It's likely you have customers and clients who use your company for different services and/or products, so why would you want to send them all the same marketing material?

Separating your email lists into segments will enable you to target specific groups with information that only they will be interested in, instead of cluttering up inboxes of others which could turn them off.

You can also segment it further into personas. Find out what drives them, what goals they have, and what would speak to them the most. You can target your marketing in even more detail using this information.

Use the Recipient's Name

Another way to make your emails more personalized is to use the recipient's name either in the subject line or the email itself. By using their name, it helps make your audience feel more connected and not just another face in a crowd.

For example, instead of using "Dear Customer," in the salutation line, you can use their first name to make it feel more friendly and warm. Most ESPs will let you personalize your messages however you like by inserting the information of your email list in the places you choose.

Personalize the Email Marketing Content in the Body

This is where you can really target and speak to the needs of your audience, motivating them to buy your services and/or products.

Use their purchase history as a motivator, using a sentence such as, "Based on your last purchase of XX book, you may enjoy the YY series that has just been released."

Or, if you know what they have researched on your site in the past, you can keep them up to date with any sales or new content that they may be interested in.

By knowing what your audience wants and likes, you can target information that will improve the chances of them clicking to learn more.

Provide a "Real" Sent-By and Reply-To Email Address

Just like nobody wants to feel like they are just a number in a crowd, they don't want to feel as if their email interactions are with a robot. Humanizing the email addresses you use can make it feel more personal to your recipient.

Instead of using generic addresses like noreply@emailaddress.com or info@emailaddress.com, use a name from a sales rep or a department lead such as joe.doe@emailaddress.com.

Your audience will be more likely to open the email and reply to it if they feel like they are directly connecting with another human being.

Personalizing Your Marketing Campaign for Success

When you target your email marketing content, personalizing it in a way that will appeal to your audience, they will feel more connected to your company. This can lead to more email opens, clicks, and sales for your bottom line.

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